Aspen Neurofeedback Scholarship Fund

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We are excited to announce the Aspen Scholarship Fund. We never want finances to be an issue when it comes to getting help. For over a decade, our parent company Aspen Counseling Group, Inc. has brought the best possible mental health and support care to the community we share. Neurofeedback is the safest and most effective treatment plans for the mental health symptoms caused by trauma, grief and loss. However, because of its expensive treatment approach, requiring multiple hours of treatment over a short period of time, it can be financially out of reach for many of our clients who need it the most.

This scholarship fund has been established by generous corporate sponsors and private donors in our community who have seen the power of brain based neurofeedback therapy. This opportunity allows a portion of the total treatment cost to be subsidized through the scholarship funds.

Aspen Neurofeedback and all of her sister companies are excited to make this offering and grateful to the generous donors who have helped establish this opportunity. If you are interested in determining your eligibility for this scholarship, please contact us for more information and 970-281-7872.




Michael Behmer

Founder & CEO