Aspen Neurofeedback’s CPI: Your Guide to a Better Relationship


Where there is love, there is conflict. Conflict can look like arguments, fighting, or general bad feelings that two people can have towards one another.

Relationship experts talk about conflict in a lot of different ways, but at the @AspenNeuroLab we talk about it based on how two brains interact.

The brain is the source of all of our emotions, thoughts, actions and reactions; it is the control center of our lives. All of these thoughts, actions, and reactions are things that are predictable when we look at qEEG brain scan data. We can see the potential rifts in your relationships before you do!

We can show you how:

  •       How past trauma is making your brain disconnected from your partner or loved one
  •       How a high-energy partner and a low-energy partner can balance their brain patterns
  •       How focus, or lack thereof, is making it difficult to be present and engaged with your partner
  •       Why it is so hard for you to say what you want to say, in the way you want to say it!

And if you’re open to it, without years of talk therapy, through Aspen’s proprietary brain training we can make your relationship grow by working through this conflict forecasting in a few short weeks.

Conflict is a lifeline- it means that you care about your partner. CPI will support and challenge you to get a jump start on this conflict, work through it, and by doing so become stronger in your relationship.

To learn more about CPI and how to get started contact us today. Email