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The Honest Truth About Sleep

There’s no doubt about it, we are a sleep deprived nation. Its old news really, and if any of you are like me, you’re sick of hearing about it. It’s been a hot topic around the office lately, with debates about sleep interrupting staff meetings and brainstorming sessions. The scientifically-minded argue the benefits of more […] Read more


Diet: Gluttony vs. Restraint

Diet, Gluttony & Restraint There’s lots of diet advice out there. In fact, arguments about healthy eating are a popular pastime at my house. Everyone seems to have an opinion, be critical or skeptical about YOUR eating patterns, while thinking their own patterns are the most reasonable. But today, I’m not here to argue. I’m […] Read more


The Cliff Effect: Resilience Breaks

Fact: Resilience Breaks. Resilience is a character trait that describes toughness; if you have it, you can recover quickly from events. Resilience is essential to overcoming life’s obstacles. It’s a trait that we see in others and want for ourselves. However, although resilience is a character trait, it is not a permanent one. The cliff […] Read more


One Secret to Lasting Resolutions

In this New Year’s Eve post I will answer why… Take a step back and recognize why your resolutions might be failing year after year. And you aren’t alone- resolutions fail so often that only 8% of the population actually meets their goals! Read more about that shocking statistic and how your brain can help […] Read more


4 Steps: Fix Your Most Destructive Relationship

Would you be friends with a person who lies to you all the time? Who barely supported your dreams and goals? Who physically stood in your way, pushed you down, and bullied you when you tried to be your best? The answer to this questions is obvious- Heck No! That person sounds like a vile, […] Read more


Take Back Control

Gandhi recognized the power of our brain, and how necessary it is to maintain the integrity and health of the very thing that makes us who we are. We’ve heard the mind is the gateway to the body. What if we understood how to be better in control of our brain to relieve everyday stressors? […] Read more

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The Negativity Bias

The Global Trauma epidemic that we are experiencing is arguably stronger than at any other point in human history. Global trauma is the experience that all individuals have in response to crisis like terrorist attacks and other acts of violence, even if they weren’t physically present (for more on how and why Global Trauma is […] Read more

Brain States in the Wake of Global Trauma

  The entire world has experienced blatant and devastating acts of violence over the past three weeks. At home in the United States, our police force and black community have been targeted in acts of violence and terror in cities like Dallas and Baton Rouge. Overseas, in Turkey and France, Germany, and Japan killing many […] Read more

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Understanding “Fight or Flight”

  The phrases “fight or flight” is familiar to most as a way to describe the sudden urges to flee, physically or verbally fight with another, or generally get worked up. This response uses the sympathetic pathway in the autonomic nervous system. But there is another pathway that doesn’t get as much attention: the parasympathetic […] Read more

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Have Fun

Think about the last time you had fun. Was it genuine time spent with an interesting person? Getting a cup of coffee with friends? Truly savoring the mini cupcakes that aren’t part of your diet, but taste delicious anyways? Fun may be easy in practice, but complex in the ways in which it is processed, […] Read more

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Meaningful Morning Boost

We all need a little pick me up in the morning. Caffeine, commonly drank in the form of coffee or tea, is not the only energy boosting molecule that our bodies can get in the A.M.  We can also find natural energy boosting compounds in supplements, yerba mate, or chocolate. These substances have a direct […] Read more

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Allergies and the Brain: The Do’s and Don’t of Brain Fog

Allergy season is here! Seasonal allergies can affect individuals on an extremely unique case by case basis. Itchy throat, watery eyes, and sneezing are common. So is another of allergies allies: brain fog. It is important to understand this side effect of allergies, as treating brain fog during seasonal allergies can be tricky and may […] Read more


Harness the Power of the Sun

Summertime is the best time for making bold changes to your diet, nutrition and brain training. The saturation of vitamin D from the strong summer sun is the ideal environment for neurofeedback training. Our schedules are less crowded, the air conditioned office provides a retreat from the harsh heat, but most of all: the vitamin […] Read more

Autism Awareness Day_ April 2nd 2016

Are You Autism Aware?

  ARE YOU AUTISM AWARE? Tomorrow, April 2nd, is World Autism Awareness Day. It’s a day of awareness and a chance to increase our understanding of the trials and triumphs of those with ASD and those who love someone with ASD. In the world of neuroscience, it’s easy to get distracted by trying to “figure […] Read more

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ADHD: A Better Diagnosis. A Better Future.

ADHD: A Better Diagnosis. A Better Future. By Betsy Carr and Michael Behmer The trends of ADHD diagnoses are on the rise. We all, just like teachers and parents want to see children reach their top potential, but too often this leads to overmedication and exacerbation of the symptoms present before the diagnoses. We all want […] Read more



Discover the new tool for concussion rehabilitation- neurofeedback! Neurofeedback is so effective that 12 members of the Denver Broncos are undergoing neurofeedback treatment to help with injuries sustained during their football playing careers. Watch the video here: Broncos Use Neurofeedback for Concussion Treatment What happens to the brain after a concussion? Concussions limit brain function […] Read more


Happiness is One Song Away

  I drove to work today, belting out my favorite jams as they came onto my Pandora “Top  40” radio station. Among my friends, I have the “worst” taste in music, but I continue to sing out loud and elicit stares at every red light I’m stopped at. But those who are judging me for […] Read more