Diet: Gluttony vs. Restraint


Diet, Gluttony & Restraint

There’s lots of diet advice out there. In fact, arguments about healthy eating are a popular pastime at my house. Everyone seems to have an opinion, be critical or skeptical about YOUR eating patterns, while thinking their own patterns are the most reasonable.

But today, I’m not here to argue. I’m here to boil every diet down to three basic components. Following these components, no matter what diet you have, will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

  1.       Any restricted diet is going to work well for you. Stop eating anything you want, all the time. Pick a couple of rules and follow them. One of my favorites: only eat food that you buy at a grocery store. This cuts out fast food, which will drastically reduce your calories. Oh-and it will save money.
  2.        Eat less meat. Vegan recipes and restaurants are not ONLY for vegans; it can be fun to experiment! I’m not saying eat no meat, that would make me a hypocrite. However, there is plenty of evidence to support a meatless approach, so if you are going for the gold medal look at 100% meatless dietary options. I’m a bigger fan of moderation, so I don’t limit my animal protein intake entirely.
  3.       If at first you don’t succeed…try again. The biggest skill in creating healthy eating habits is to always keep trying. We are creatures of failure, and that’s okay. It’s NOT okay to give up entirely. Listen to that little voice that is saying “Maybe I should try this again”.

This boils down to the underlying rule of any diet: gluttony is a sin you want to avoid. Eating excess amounts of food, drinking excess amounts of alcohol or soda, and binging on sweets during a Netflix marathon indicate more than a food problem. They indicate an emotional problem.

The next time you find yourself eating thoughtlessly, stop chewing and ask yourself what you are really trying to achieve. Is your food fuel or comfort?

If you are seeking comfort, we can help. Please contact us at for more information on how our programs can address overeating and the emotional problems beneath in a safe, mindful, and loving way.






Betsy Carr, MS, Clinical Coordinator @AspenNeuroLab

The staff at Aspen Neurofeedback have all just watched “Forks vs. Knives”. Some of us have gone completely plant based, while some of us are trying to simply be more moderate with our animal food intake. Stay tuned for recipes, updates, and personal challenges with our food adventures by following us on social media! And word to the wise- once you eliminate foods, take care adding them back in. We’ve had some interesting digestive experiences with foods on our “no” list!