One Secret to Lasting Resolutions


In this New Year’s Eve post I will answer why…


Take a step back and recognize why your resolutions might be failing year after year. And you aren’t alone- resolutions fail so often that only 8% of the population actually meets their goals!

Read more about that shocking statistic and how your brain can help in this post.

Resolutions fail because motivation runs out. Period. Motivation is our drive to do anything, and it’s always defined by our very personal brand of happiness.

When we have resolutions that are influenced by disappointment, stress, fear, stressful circumstances, other’s opinions, last night’s binge on nachos, then we have lost the engine that drives our goal achieving: motivation.


Our personal brand of happiness is simply defined by the person we think we are and how activities add to or take away from that happiness. Example: I am an active, curious and brave person who likes to be active, learn about new things, and face challenges.


Before setting ANY life-changing resolution, ask yourself these questions to help define your personal brand of happiness:

  1.       Am I having any stress that is out of the ordinary? If so, notice that this stress is likely temporary, and a resolution should not be formed around it.
  2.       Am I having arguments or difficulties in my relationships? If so, re-evaluate if this relationship is adding to your personal brand of happiness. And if it is, recognize that improving this relationship is not a resolution you can achieve on your own but one that your partner needs to participate in as well.
  3.       Am I in an unhealthy eating and exercise pattern? If so, analyze what are you getting out of these unhealthy habits in your life and target the root cause change when you choose a resolution, instead of the classic “workout more” and “eat healthy” in the New Year.
  4.       What am I doing when I am being my happiest person? This is an easy one, right? Do more of your favorite activity this year! In, fact schedule to have more time for those fun things you love doing.
  5.       Does my environment support my happiness? The people, places, and things in your life are your biggest influencers. Make sure you surround yourself with people and things that you love to ensure your greatest support system going into the new year.

6.  What is your I AM statement? Use this template: I am a ________________, ____________________, ___________________ person who enjoys _______________, _________________, ______________________. Resolve to be yourself more :)

Resolutions are more than simply goals, they’re meant to be a stronger, more urgent commitment creating a desired lifestyle change rather than a one-time achievement. Therefore they take clear planning, which is not under the influence of emotional duress.

If your resolutions are based around your personal brand of happiness, then you should want these goals to have a permanent role in your life!

Remember: It’s not about what you do from Christmas to New Year’s, but what you do from New Year’s to Christmas.

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Betsy Carr, MS, Aspen Neurofeedback, Inc., Clinical Director

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