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While every human being experiences stress in their life and usually manage to recover their usual functioning in a matter of months, some experience loss so unthinkably difficult that they experience it as a trauma. Others have unresolved loss layered upon unresolved loss that causes a condition known as “Complicated Stress.” For those whose symptoms are unusually problematic and whose life seems halted or underdeveloped due to overwhelming symptoms not getting better in a reasonable amount of time, we offer high performance neurofeedback treatment coupled with integrated therapy to help people and their loved ones get back to living life while dealing with the stressors that are posing such difficulties to their daily functioning. All of our treatment is tailored to each person, their experienced symptoms, and situation.

John VanDeGrift

Clinical Coordinator

Betsy Carr

Applied Neuroscience Advisor & Biofeedback Certified International Alliance (BCIA) Member

Dr. Robert Ketchum

Medical Advisory Committee Member

Dr. Jacqueline Bearden

Medical Advisory Committee Member