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Getting Started

Four steps to healing.

Step One: Phone Consultation

Please call (970) 281-7872 to connect with our clinical coordinator. We will gather basic information during this short phone conversation. We will briefly ask about your symptoms, other treatment methods you have tried, and any other information you would like to share. Most importantly, we will answer any questions you have about neurofeedback. Our highly trained staff is more than happy to answer as many questions you have. If all of your questions are answered, we can book a QEEG Brain Mapping appointment.

Step Two: Brain Mapping (Q Assessment) -> Simple, quick, non-invasive.

QEEG brain mapping allows us to measure electricity in your brain. Imbalances in electrical patterns lead to symptoms you may experience. "Imbalance" just means that, for one reason or another, you brain isn't communicating efficiently.The appointment takes about one hour. We will use a special QEEG recording device that slips on to your head like a swim cap. We use conductance gel to enhance the visibility of your brain waves. We record for approximately 15 minutes. Afterwards, we ask you to take two simple surveys. These surveys allow us to correlate your experiences with our brain recordings, which is important information for the consultation.

Step Three: Consultation and Treatment Plan -> Learn how neurofeedback can help today.

Our consultation appointment is typically an hour long. At this appointment, we talk about your specific brain wave patterns. We also talk about how neurofeedback can help your specific symptoms. We may assess if you need additional support from one of our highly trained therapists. A treatment plan will be developed and you will leave with a very clear understanding of how neurofeedback can help you.

Step Four: Neurofeedback Training Sessions -> Let's help you feel better!

Neurointegration sessions are typically about one hour in length, 1-4 times per week. During these sessions we will use operant conditioning to re-wire your brain. We do this by giving you a reward any time your brain is working in a positive way. Over the course of your treatment, the brain will learn these patterns and be able to use new methods of thinking for a very long time. Most importantly, you will start to feel relief from your symptoms. At the end of 20 sessions we perform another brain map to document changes and consider next steps.