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Q Assessment

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A Narative of Neural Conflict

Named after the mix of quantitative and qualitative data that compile the report, the Q is the most comprehensive diagnostic we’ve ever developed, and so far the clinical responses have been shocking. We’ve taken our brain mapping tech and combined it with specific psychological and social assessments in a way that reveals the narrative of why we are suffering, why are anxious and depressed, and what’s causing our brains to hold us back from actualizing our motivations in a healthy way.

Preview of the Q Report

Preview of the Q Report

This assessment gives voice to inner dynamics that people cannot verbally articulate, allowing us to shine a light on hidden systems that steal our energy and disrupt our relationships. This assessment works in tandem with the enneagram, but exceeds it in what it reveals about what’s actually getting in the way of us being our individual, relational, and spiritually actualized selves.