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We have many patient success stories to share with you. Neurofeedback training has had a positive impact on so many people, who now have a drug free and non-invasive alternative for addressing common ailments. Listed below are several success stories, told from the people who experienced this revolutionary new system.


"I came to Aspen Neurofeedback with migraines, anxiety, depression and a lot of worry. My symptoms were relatively severe. Working with Aspen Neurofeedback has been extremely helpful. I have no more headaches, which is wonderful. I have also seen a marked decrease in the levels of worry, anxiety, and depression I had been experiencing. The results have been wonderful, especially with the elimination of the severe headaches. I am now experiencing more energy, less worry, and able to concentrate more. I would highly recommend Aspen Neurofeedback"-Diane


"For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with anxiety, depression, insomnia and severe attention deficit. I have spent almost 10 years in counseling. I have been on ADHD medication for 17 years and anxiety medication for 4 years. Despite all of that, I was not able to fully control my symptoms. I could not stop replaying the traumas from my past and I lived in fear every day. I knew life could be so much better but I was too afraid and too skeptical to do anything more to help myself.When I found out I was pregnant last fall, I finally made the decision that I had to do something to improve my emotional and psychological health so that I could be my best self to start the journey of motherhood. My counselor and I discussed neurofeedback for several months and I did a lot of research on it. I eventually decided to do it, knowing it couldn't hurt.Within 10 sessions, I was sleeping for 8 hours at night, my anxiety and fear seemed more like an afterthought and my moods were becoming much more stable. By 15 sessions, I felt like a new woman! I did not live in fear. My unhealthy anxiety was gone. I could sleep all night! I woke up every morning looking forward to the day. I had the motivation and attention to do normal daily activities (without medication!!) that before I could not get done at all. I completed my treatment of 20 sessions and 2 weeks later gave birth to a baby girl. Even through a very traumatic delivery and our daughter spending a week in the neonatal ICU, I was able to stay level-headed and did not regress at all. Annie is 2 months old now and we are both doing great. I am a happy and healthy mom and am able to give my best to my daughter. Neurofeedback changed my life in the best way possible. I cannot believe I lived in such a dark place for so long. Now, I am living a life I love and in a truly healthy way!! I never could have said that before neurofeedback." -Maria


"I came to Aspen Neurofeedback for treatment for anxiety and depression. I could not even function in society and was afraid to do almost everything. After treatment, I no longer have any depression and my anxiety is very low and manageable. I no longer have reservations about going anywhere. Neurofeedback has been very, very helpful in correcting these symptoms." -Paul


"Before I started neurofeedback, my anxiety was so severe that I could not go to the grocery store, keep a job, or maintain personal relationships without extreme stress. I could not control my emotions or maintain concentration in a conversation. After neurofeedback, I have seen a big increase in my ability to control my emotions. “Bad days” aren’t as bad and I’m able to recover more quickly. Aspen Neurofeedback has been extremely helpful in changing my life!" -Sarah


"What surprised me most was that after just 1 session, the next morning I was suddenly motivated to have a clean and organized home and office. I literally rolled out of bed and got to work. My home and office have stayed clean since. I also am feeling no anxiety anymore! I finally feel “well” I understand that life gets busy but that’s just how it goes, and not to get overwhelmed. I feel like I am in the drivers seat again. I control my attitude, emotions, motivation, and my dealings with others. There is a sense of peace, calm, and wellness I almost forgot that a person could have, without needing substances." -James


"We came to Aspen Neurofeedback hoping to see an improvement with our daughter’s attention span and focus. Her symptoms were close to severe, a 9 on a scale of 1-10. We have seen improvements in focus, emotional control, and awareness. Neurofeedback has been helpful in making our lives with our daughter easier." -Grace


"Before starting neurofeedback, I was using marijuana heavily as a way to cope with depression and social anxiety. Since completing 20 neurofeedback treatments with Aspen Neurofeedback, my dependency on the drug has decreased significantly. I am able to get out of bed with motivation for the day. I have also noticed an improvement in my relationships and a stabilization in emotion. Neurofeedback has helped me regain the cognitive and emotional clarity that marijuana had taken away." -Rachel